Wrinkle Relaxers

MC Aesthetics

Frown Lines / Forehead Lines

Tired of looking angry or worried all the time? By injecting neuromodulators into the glabella and/or forehead muscles to temporarily relax them, lines are reduced and smoothed to give a softer and rested appearance.

Crows Feet

Over time, lines begin to appear around the eyes from repetitive facial movements such as smiling. The skin around the eye is thin with little underlying fat tissue. Small units of neuromodulator can be injected into this delicate area to minimize and treat these lines.

Bunny Lines

Caused by the nasalis muscle, these lines on the side of the nose can be treated with small amounts of neurotoxin

Facial Slimming

Facial slimming can be achieved by relaxing the overactive masseter muscle at the side of the jaw that can cause the appearance of a strong square like jaw. This treatment can also reduce teeth grinding and jaw clenching.